Top 10 Best Portable Welding Machine Under 5000 PHP (2023)

If you’re looking for a welding machine that fits your budget or just learning a new hobby and skill to learn, we compiled the best welding machine under five thousand Philippine Peso.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or seasoned veteran, it is important to learn how to choose the right welding machine for your next DIY project or small business.

Here in Full Weld Metal Fabrication, we will help you choose your first welding machine that won’t break your bank. We are personally using one of the products listed in this review. So go ahead and read which welding machine we are using.

Here are the Top 10 Portable Welding Machines You Can Buy in the Philippines

Product NameImagePriceWarrantyRating
10. Lotus 200A Portable Welding Machine
lotus 200A inverter welding machineLazada
Seller warranty4.3 / 5
9. KAWASAKI (Mini) Portable Inverter Welding Machine 200ampskawasaki 300A welding machineShopee

1 Year4.5 / 5
8. Mitsushi 300A IGBT Technology Portable Welding Machinemitsushi 300A welding machineShopee

3 Months (Official Store)4.5 / 5
7. VERSA MMA 250 IGBT Portable Welding Machineversa 300A welding machineShopee

Seller warranty4.8 / 5
6. MAILTank MMA-305 ARC Force Inverter Portable Welding Machinemailtank 305A welding machineShopee

Seller warranty4.8 / 5
5. Fujima MMA 300A Inverter Portable Welding Machinefujima 200A welding machineLazadaSeller warranty4.5 / 5
4. Maketa Portable Welding Machine 300Amaketa 300A sky blue welding machineShopee

Seller warranty4.3 / 5
3. Mitsushi MMA 200A IGBT Technology Inverter Portable Welding Machinemitsushi 200A welding machineShopee

3 Months (Official Store)4.8 / 5
2. VERSA MMA 300 IGBT Portable Welding Machineversa 300A welding machineShopee

Seller warranty4.7 / 5
1. Mitsushi MMA 250A IGBT Technology Inverter Portable Welding Machinemitsushi 300A welding machineShopee

3 Months (Official Store)4.8 / 5

How to Choose the Right Portable Welding Machine

Buying your first welding machine can be tricky. It may look like the cheapest is the best choice but that’s not always the case. You should ask yourself what application are you going to use it, what is the space of your workshop, and what is your budget.

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Where are you going to use it?

Let’s start with the application.

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good thing to start practicing in low amperage welding machine. The 200A will be your best choice since you’re not going to fabricate complicated projects that requires high aperage.

If you already know what you are doing and planning to buy a portable welding machine that you can carry when working on trusseses.

Maybe you don’t have long wires for electrode holder? These portable welding machines weighs less than 5kg and most of them comes with free body strap which is very useful when you want to carry the welder up.

How Big is Your Workshop?

Most Filipinos use their backyard as their personal workshop when doing metal fabrication. 

As a family-owned business, we are building our products like dog cage, plant stands, and metal bed frames in our backyard. We are personally using portable welding machines because it is very convenient for us.


We understand that you want your welding machine to last forever. But the truth is, it will never happen unless you decided open the box and keep it hidden forever.

Read the reviews from each seller and listen to their customer’s feedback. But really, it depends on how you use it how you take care of it.

We are using our welding machines for more than six hours a day and they are still good to use. Please read our 

Consider your Budget

You may be thinking, how is it possible that these welding machines are under 5,000 PHP.

Most of these welders are made in China. I know, there’s a stigma of “Made in China” but what else isn’t made from China?

These welding machines are very good if you’re just starting out. It won’t break your bank and considering the amount of knowledge that you will gain in your investment is totally worth it.

Just read carefully on customer feedbacks from the sellers and you’re good.

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