Best Dog Cage for Rottweiler in the Philippines

Rottweilers are known to be powerful dog breeds. Most of the time, they are portrayed as violent dogs in movies, in some video games like GTA 5, and even banned in some countries via BSL (Breed-specific Law).

But just like other dogs, these lovely pups needs training so they can learn how to socialize and be obedient. Not everything about Rottweilers are bad, did you know that this appeared in a children’s book called Good Dog, Carl?

With that being said, let’s take a look on what is the best dog cage for Rottweiler in the Philippines.

What is the best dog cage for Rottweiler?

We always suggest to go for medium to large dog cage in terms of size. It is ideal that such cages are made with square bars or galvanized steel matting to ensure your Rottweiler’s safety and protection.

square bar dog cage 4x3
This cage’s walling are made with 9mm square bars.

Aside from build, you don’t want your Rottweiler to feel cramped inside its cage. You need to consider its:

  • Height – you want them to do their stretching with ease. Getting at least 5 ft in height would be ideal.
  • Space – you want them to move around freely and not just a few inches making it look “chasing its own tail”.

This maybe his/her home for days to come so make sure they are comfortable.


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