Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine Review

The Mitsushi MMA 250A is a portable, stick welding machine. The Mitsushi welding machine can handle a variety of welding jobs. The machine is safe and easy to use. The MMA 250A is a stick welder that resident, hobbyists and small metal fabrication businesses can use to make a variety of items, such as metal stands and dog cages.


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mitsushi mma 250a welding machine

Along with its heavy-duty construction, the MMA 250A Inverter Welder from Mitsushi comes with an impressive 250A welding capacity, making it one of the most powerful portable welding machine in the Philippines.

The MMA 250A comes with a 30-day return and 3 months local supplier warranty to help you ease your mind if something wrong happened.

Brand NameMitsushi
Power Voltage (V)220V-240V
Rated Input Capacity (kVA)5.5/250A
Input Voltage Frequency (Hz)50/60 Hz
No-Load Voltage56/250A
Current range (Amp)30-120
Insulation classF
Protective classIP21
Rated input voltage220-240V
Power factor0.93
Usable electrodes (mm)1.6-4.0/250A
DesignBeautiful appearance and structure design
StructureSimple structure, excellent technics, durability rate, high efficiency and energy -saving.
FreebiesComes complete with electrode holder + ground clamp w/ cable & Welding goggles
High Duty Cycle
Digital LED Display

Adopt IGBT technology, energy-saving

The MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine adopts IGBT technology, energy-saving. This machine adopts IGBT technology, and is the most energy-saving welding machine. Specialist in the welding industry, said that IGBT technology can greatly reduce the time of switching.

In addition, compared with the traditional technology, IGBT technology has the advantages of relatively fast speed, good controllability, long service life, good stability and safety, good stability, and so on.

Anti-stick, thermostatic protection, automatic voltage compensating capability, less splash

The Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine , a high performance arc welding machine, is specially developed to provide high productivity. Its variable speed function allows welding with compatible power sources, and allows for usage with stick electrodes, as well as with inverter-based power sources, making it a good option for welders of all experience levels.

  1. It melts filler metal faster.
  2. It makes stick welding easier.
  3. It eliminates spatters.
  4. It reduces the spatter I was getting.
  5. It prevents short circuit.
  6. It cuts heating time.
  7. It protects parts from overheating.

High efficiency, light, compact, easy to operate

Mitsushi MMA 250A inverter welding machine has been improving High efficiency, light, compact, easy to operate, only weighing 4.7 Kg, but the power up to 250A. The welding power source adopts the series of advanced imported components, with advanced inverter technology, synchronous stepping motor, it provides high efficiency with user’s low noise, low vibration, and long life.

Mitsushi 250A MIG welder has been improved with various welding rods from 1.6-4.0mm. For example, it has the capability of welding 0.8 mm up to 4 mm steel.

Why You Should Buy Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine?

Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine is a great welding machine for both beginners and professionals. It is easy to use and has a variety of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a good welding machine.

In conclusion, Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine has affordable price, match with high-quality, adopts IGBT technology, has 250 A welding current. User-friendly design and large display, intelligent automatic protection, has stable and reliable performance.

We highly recommend the Mitsushi MMA 250A Inverter Welding Machine.

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