Dog Cage for Sale in Cavite

We sell high quality dog cage made with steel to ensure it’s durability. We want to make sure that your investment for your pup’s home will be long term.

We are located in Lipa City but we deliver in nearby cities and towns. Make sure to check our list of delivery areas below.

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Dog Cage Sizes & Price List in Cavite

Check our updated price list and sizing guide.

If you want to get a quote, call or text 0910 619 5874 or use the messenger icon in the bottom right of your screen

Dog Cage Benefits

In the Philippines, dog cages are often used by breeders and dog lovers who live in a small space without a backyard. Dog cage often serves as Pinoy dog’s ‘house’ to protect them from harming or being harmed by someone.

Many people think that it is cruel to let your dog live in a dog cage. In an article from website, they said that there are benefits of crate training your dog as long as you use it humanely and correctly. This means that you shouldn’t let your dog inside the cage for a very long time. You should be responsible for your dog’s happiness like taking them to a walk frequently and playing with them.

Now, check these key dog cage / crate benefits for you and your dog:

  1. Shelter – This is the main purpose of a dog cage. It acts as their shelter and with proper training, this will serve as their comfort zone.
  2. Assurance – Everytime you are going to sleep at night or go out with your family and friends, you are assured that your dog won’t do anything silly and they won’t escape. You’re also confident that no one will be harmed when you have visitors in your house.
  3. Developing good habits – Your dog will learn how to control their bowel and do it outdoors by establishing a daily routine. You can use the cage as confinement to control your dog’s bad habit.
  4. Privacy – As mentioned in #1, your dog will treat it as their den to retreat to when they are tired.

I suggest reading the article from the PAWS website and Petcurean for more benefits.

Dog Cage Cavite – Areas We Deliver

Cavite is known for many things but Tagaytay is arguable it’s most famous city. Many tourists go to Tagaytay due to cold weather and the overlooking of Taal Volcano. Many business hubs and warehouses are also located here, making it one of the province that has a lot of cities. So yes, we deliver

  • Tagaytay
  • Imus
  • Dasmarinas
  • Silang
  • Bacoor
  • Carmona

Dog Cage For Sale Outside of Cavite

Here are the list of areas we deliver outside Batangas province: 1. Batangas 2. Laguna 3. Manila 4. Makati 5. Pasig 6. Quezon City


Why do you need a dog cage?

You need a dog cage if you live in a place where backyard is limited. Most of our customers live in subdivisions, townhouses, and apartments. Dog breeders also need doog cages so they can manage and train their pups easily.

Do you have a custom size dog cage?

Yes. We also sell custom size dog cage and we cater based on your preference. Please note that our price varies based on how small or how big you want for your dogs.

Is it cruel to let your dogs inside their cage?

No. Though there are some people who are against cage training because they think it is cruel. However, there are also benefits of putting them into a cage (read our benefits section). It is a common sense for everyone to use these cages are humanely as possible. It is the dog owner’s responsibility of the hapiness of their dogs.

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