We manufacture metal bed frames, gates, window grills, plant racks, and dog cages.


Dog Cage

A metal dog cage provides a safe haven for your beloved pet. And like any tool, the cage must be built with quality, safe materials.

Plant Rack

Metal plant racks and stands have been a great addition to our homes for years. They provide a convenient way to display plants when we want to incorporate greenery into a room.

Bed Frame

A good quality bed frame will not only provide comfort to the user, but will also last for long.

Window Grills

Window grills or grills are pieces of metal that are placed over windows to allow people to ventilate a home, while preventing insects or other pests from entering.

Water Rack

These racks will help you organise your water containers in your kitchen. Our water racks are beautifully made and they are very easy to clean.

Gaming Table

Every gamer should own at least one gaming table, and the best tables are made of metal.


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